2018_Biz Card

SUBMIT: Studying. Understanding. Building. Maintaining. Inventing. Teaching.

SUBMIT was started in 2015 by several s-types in the Atlanta area who wanted more opportunities for s-types in the Atlanta & Georgia region to have more access to education opportunities. It is a not-for-profit event for the betterment of all s-types. Switches are not only welcome but encouraged to attend the weekend! SUBMIT welcomes all s-types of all genders and BDSM lifestyle orientations. While we appreciate that your Dominant may want to attend with you, SUBMIT is designed as an educational event only for s-types taught by s-types. 

We want our attendees to go out into the greater community and make a difference. That means they share something which they learned, that spoke to them, in such a way that it speaks to someone else. Let’s keep the fire of education burning so that no one is left out in the cold!

To create an atmosphere of sincere comradery we keep attendance to less than 50 people. Atlanta is home to many s-types who we know will benefit & we won’t let one seat to go to waste! We also strive to make SUBMIT as cost friendly as possible. We want to our attendees to flourish and to enrich those around them. That is the true payment of long hours and crazy schedules: that our community is enhanced because of our commitment to education.

SUBMIT may only happen once a year but it is our way of life!