SUBMIT Atlanta is Breaking Ground!

SUBMIT Atlanta is a not-for-profit event for the betterment of s-types. All s-types. Yes, switches are not only welcomed but encouraged to attend our educational class and workshop daytime retreat. After a day of nourishing the right side of the slash, we will open the place up to the whole community. Everyone can come out and enjoy a night time event and play party like no other.

Breaking Ground only happens once. Make sure you are a part of it.

Please keep a watchful eye out for further information. We will have a very limited amount of daytime retreat event tickets that must be purchased prior to the event. Atlanta is home to many s-types who will SUBMIT will benefit and we won’t let one seat to go to waste.

Ticket prices are yet-to be determined but our goal is to make our retreat as cost friendly as possible. We want to our scholars to flourish and go on to enrich our community.

SUBMIT may only happen once a year but

Studying, Understanding, Building, Maintaining, Inventing and Teaching is our way of life!

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