2015 Final Schedule!

Ladies and Gents, you guys are so amazing. Thank you so much for all of the excitement and positive messages we have gotten about SUBMIT: Breaking Ground!

You totally caught us up in your excitement and we love you guys for that.  We have come to a decision about the question we have been getting. “Hey, I’ve got this friend who wants to come with me…”  We have decided to open it up for 10 more people.  Please ask them to drop us an email at submit.atlanta@gmail.com.  Thank you so much, we can’t wait to see you all in the morning.

10:30  **Registration Opens**

11:00  **Opening Remarks and Keynote Address by Kacie Cunningham**

11:40 am to 12:40 pm **First Class Session**

**Elegant – Forever and a Day by Day**
For some people, entering into a Master/slave relationship is a frequent event, a union that they can shrug off like the latest fashion. Somewhere along the way many have forgotten that keeping a connection with someone actually does require effort, sometimes day by day. It may seem easier to dismiss a slave or beg release from a Master when things are not going well but working on bettering the relationship is likely to make an even stronger bond. In this workshop session Elegant will discuss how her relationship with her owner, Archer (the other Atlanta Archer) has progressed over their 18 years together. Their covenant is for forever and a day…but they live it day by day. She will share how they structured their relationship, offer tools they use to navigate through turbulent times, and even tell about some mistakes they have made. There will be ample time for questions.

**Mags – Positively Powerful**
Have you met those people who just always seem to see the glass full? Do you simultaneously want to smack them & secretly wonder how they do it?

**Trinity – Service Dates**
A lot of folks are under the misconception that one must be in a committed relationship to provide service. That’s no more true than the idea that one needs to be in a committed relationship in order to be flogged. A service date is just like a regular play date, except instead of S&M or rope or whatever, the date is about service. This strikes a lot of people as an epiphany, that we can do this. But we can. And it can be very good for us, particularly for single folks or those in long distance relationships. This class is aimed at getting people out of the thinking that service and d/s can’t be a play date or that it can only possibly be done with someone with whom you’re in a long-term or otherwise committed relationship. It doesn’t have to mean anything beyond the play date itself, just like S&M play doesn’t have to mean anything beyond the play date. Everyone can go back to goofing off, being friends and continuing whatever day to day relationship they have. We’ll go over how to find someone who is interested in service, what things to consider when negotiating a service date, as well as different ways service can be done and disconnecting after the service date.

**Xanny – Submission from Male Perspective**
Ever wonder what it’s like to be a male submissive? Have you thought about what we males might have (or still do) deal with when coming to the submissive side? Spend some time with Xanny as he shares his experiences of what it was like when he began (and continues!) to explore submission as a male.

12:40 pm to 1:15 pm   **Lunch** — Sandwiches, Chips and Fruit

1:15 pm to 2:15 pm – **Second Class Session**

**AlphaK – Obtaining & Maintaining 24/7 Dynamic**
This class will help educate on 24-7 Servitude and navigating traditional to non-traditional duties as a slave. This requires tact, discretion, mindfulness, protocols and discipline. Balancing or surrendering aspects or areas of your life to Your Masters/Mistresses care is also a skill-set required to achieve long term Dynamic. Those in attendance will gather knowledge to build or improve their own perspective and reasoning behind their submission. It is important to consider the differing aspects of service. And to note the degrees these acts of service can be executed. “A.D.I.S.” (Activity x Duration x Intensity x Surrounding) is the House of Trei’s formula for managing ones capacity or potential for any given task or activity related to BDSM or Vanilla Lifestyles. Newcomers, veterans, those in relationships or single can all benefit from these and other topics to be discussed. Those include scheduling for the short and long term, daily rituals, conflicts in obligations, seeking counsel, and dealing with one’s own reactance.

**Elegant – Exemplars: Invoking The Power Of Others**
Using Exemplars For Slave/Submissive Personal Development Role models, mentors, counselors, teachers…..so many ways to look towards others for guidance but most of the traditional methods rely on emulating behavior. Learn how identifying exemplars can represent the essence of singular character traits you wish to improve in your submission or slavery. We’ll explore various definitions, differences, and techniques for pinpointing exemplars for personal growth and then discuss how to utilize this knowledge in your everyday life. An interactive session.

**Lady Steele – BDSM and The Law for s-types**
What legal dangers are inherent to what it is we do? The simple truth is, legal issues abound when it comes to participating in BDSM. It can affect several areas in our lives, including family, criminal, civil, estate planning, healthcare, and even businesses law. How can you prepare yourself for the worst case scenario? Come find out when Lady Steele presents BDSM and the Law.

**Princess Leigha – Being a Little in a Big World**
To go beyond stereotypes of Littles and dig deep into what a little is. To get an understanding of Littles. Talk about how to manage your little and enjoy who you are as a little. Discuss how to find or look for a potential Dominant or Big, what to look for, what signs to watch out for, and how to engage with a Big or Dominant.

2:20 pm to 3:20 pm **Third Class Session**

**Coco – Emotional Masochism**
“We’ve all had our fair share of classes on humiliation and we’ve seen plenty on the variations of emotional sadism. Well, this is one for the other side of the slash. The psychological aspects of BDSM can be very volatile and difficult to navigate. It’s important to not only focus on the safe ways to top from this space, but also safe ways to bottom. This class will provide a loose “how to” guide to help simplify the complexities of emotional masochism. We’ll discuss what emotional masochism is, how it can manifest itself, ways to safely explore it, and tips to use when searching for matching partners.

**Kacie – Rebuilding Trust**
In every relationship, there will come a time when the trust is broken or damaged, whether by accident or intent. In these cases, we often find ourselves at a loss for how to proceed. Do we forgive and try to move on? How do we move on? How do we rebuild the trust that is lost? Can it even be done?
The answer is yes, it can be done, and this class will show you how, in seven steps, you can rebuild the trust which is so necessary to building and maintaining our power exchange dynamics. With personal anecdotes and a down-to-earth approach, complete with a handout, you’ll find yourself empowered to begin improving the trust in your relationships right away.

**Trinity – Slave Networking**
Service isn’t always easy. What happens if bootblacking isn’t one of your skills and your recipient is in need of boot care? Or if you have a large event to plan, like a formal dinner? Or if your recipient enjoys manicures or massage? The answer is: you build a service network to both learn from and to assist in your tasks. You turn to your service brothers and sisters to help you serve. In this class, we’ll talk about why you might want to build a service network and what sorts of networks you can create. We’ll discuss what to look for in other “service providers” you may wish to add to your network and what your responsibilities are if you’re in someone else’s service network. If you serve or are interested in serving, understanding how to implement and work a network will be another good tool in your toolbox.

**Xanny – Order from Chaos, the Electronic Way**
Your Dominant has just asked you to keep track of dates / notes / information or whatever. Their current system is Post-It notes, and you want something better. What can you do? There are tons of tools online, and free, that can help you keep yourself (and your Dominant!) in order. Join Xanny as he walks you through the use of a few of these tools and some use cases that will keep you and Yours in order.

3:20 pm to 3:45 pm  **Snack Break**

3:45 pm to 4:45 pm  **Fourth Class Session**

**Creamdream – Play With Me**
Establishing opportunities for play dates or connections in the lifestyle. It is tailored to fit anyone but it is not generalized either.

**Lady Steele – Cigar Service**
You have seen people smoking cigars at events, but how do the worlds of smoking pleasure and fetish intersect? What does serving a cigar entail? Receiving this service? What do you do with the ash? Is there more to cigar play than just smoking the cigar? These questions will be answered as Lady Steele speaks about and demonstrates this very elegant form of service.

**Mags – Building the Best Submissive You**
What do you do while looking for a relationship? How do you continue to improve and be the best submissive you want to be? How do you maintain growth and flourish through the years and avoid burnout? In this class we will talk about personal development and how this is actually an integral part of being a healthy and interactive partner. We will cover how to raise the bar for yourself in your learning and growth. We will discuss how to focus in on the skills that you want to learn and how to find the best places and teachers. These skill sets are not limited to lifestyle only skills.

**Scarlett – 50 Ways to Serve**
There are endless ways to be of service.  We all have our favorite tasks and then there are those that we wouldn’t miss if a service fairy came to visit.  I’ll introduce my philosophy on service and how it changed my outlook on those least favorites, but always requested, service tasks.  I’ll take you through a few of my favorite ways to serve, share my tips for overcoming epic service fails and talk about what to do when monotony threatens the service that we cherish most. Please come prepared to share your own triumphs, tips and tales of fallen quiches.

5:00 pm to 6:00 pm  **Q&A Panel & Closing Remarks**

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