SUBMIT Atlanta 2017 Dates!

We are so excited that we couldn’t wait to tell you!

SUBMIT 2017 will be October 21st & 22nd!

Saturday the 21st will be our day-long event with fabulous classes including our keynote speaker & presenter talina!

Sunday the 22nd will be the intensive workshop: Dust Bunnies of Limitation!

Free yourself by recognizing the ways in which you limit yourself. Realize that you are WAY greater than you ever thought, and when you start projecting that realization, your life will open up in ways you can’t even conceive right now. You can create better relationships with others – and with yourself – simply by believing that “good enough” isn’t! Bring a pencil, because there will be lots of self-discovery you’ll want to record.

Early bird tickets until May 1st!

  • Early bird Saturday ticket: $25 (After May 1st they will go up to $30)
  • Early Bird Sunday Intensive: $15 (After May 1st they will go up to $20)

Stay tuned for more!

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