2017 Saturday Classes

Saturday 10/21 Schedule

  • Registration: 9:30-10am
  • 10:00-10:45 – Introduce event, Keynote by Talina
  • 11:00 til 12:00 – Class
  • 12:00 til 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 12:40 – 1:40 Class
  • 1:45-2:45 Class
  • 2:45-3:15 Snack Break
  • 3:20 – 4:20 Class
  • 4:30 – 5:30 Class
  • 5:30 – 6 Closing / Q&A

Cost: $30

After the Colon: Defining  & Refining Your Label Description

Presented by: adorKELble

Labels are like clothes, they give us a quick way to define ourselves to others. But, like clothes they cannot convey the larger story of who we are and how we experience and practice our role within a power exchange dynamic. Buy refining our chosen description of our roles this class looks to help us feel more comfortable with the label we’ve chosen or give us the confidence to choose something different – possibly something outside of most common paradigms (bottom/submissive/slave/top/dominant/master/etc.).


Consent Counts Round Table

Presented by: Keira

Consent isn’t black and white – in fact sometimes what’s legal isn’t considered ethical by kinky people, and sometimes what we consider ethical isn’t legal in the U.S. Come join our interactive discussion to talk about the concepts of risk, limits, re-negotiation and how consent can be given in scenes vs. power exchange relationships. We’ll look at the results of NCSF’s Consent Violations Survey to see who is at higher risk, and what to keep in mind when negotiating BDSM play. Come talk about consent with us!


Dealing with Disappointment & Adversity

Presented by: Mags

We have almost all dealt with adversity it at some point in our lives; sometimes more often than we like to admit. This class was born out of experience and where there seems to be a need within the communities for tools to deal with these issues. Taking responsibility for your life helps you to adopt a posture of confidence and resilience. It can help you to feel capable of dealing with each challenge that presents itself to you–you see each one as a situation to be dealt with or problem to be solved, not as a catastrophe or a crisis.

This class is a proactive approach to owning the disappointments, learning from them, using that knowledge to move ahead, grown and thrive. We will cover concrete steps to working through stages of dealing with disappointment & adversity. There are a whole range of practical skills to do this that not all of us were fortunate to learn when we were children. However, the skills do exist and you can start putting them into action immediately if you choose.


Don’t Lose Your S#!+!

Presented by: MyLittleFetish

Practical tips and tricks for managing stressful situations without losing it (& possibly pissing off your M/D/O type person!) This will include simple restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques & other ways to refocus your attention & intention.


Dressing for Pleasure

Presented by: Danie

Curious about what to wear for what event, or maybe thinking about how to use what you wear to spice up your play? Come find out lots of useful info about “the icing on the cake” (what we wear) in this fun and interactive class. Together, we will discuss:

What types of clothing are expected in various places? What is fetish formal? Do you HAVE to wear just black? Shopping ideas … and SO much more! Bring your questions and ideas to share!


DUKING IT OUT – How to fight with your Owner

Presented by: talina

You don’t need to take a break from your D/s dynamic in order to have a real, emotion-filled conversation with your Owner. All you need are a few tools that will allow you to maintain the dynamic you’ve set up while allowing respectful and honest discourse. We will brainstorm together to create phrases that will help keep the tension low, and have role-playing activities. Now, go home and pick a fight!


Honoring the Prime Directive: A Self-Care Wake-Up Call

Presented by: adorKELble

We’ve all been tasked with “taking care of ourselves” either by contract or default. Many of us – by our own admission – are bad at it. This class is intended to help you find your personal motivation to take care of yourself and to give you a few practical ways to move forward.


How to say no (what do you mean? I can say no?! )

Presented by: phoenix_soaring

Many s types have a hard time saying no….how to do it, tools to use when it’s hard, why you should say no, and what to do when no is not heard.


I Don’t Like It & He Prefers It That Way

Presented by: MyLittleFetish

What happens when you’re not a masochist but you’re paired with a sadist? Can suffering be offered as a service? In the name of Love? As a means of connection? Come explore the possibilities of mismatched play partners and practical tips on surviving it.

I’m Growing All the Way

Presented by: Scarlett

Caught between a fixed mindset and the growth mindset that has had education buzzing for years? Haven’t heard of the the movement? No worries. A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger is the perfect example. With a Growth Mindset you too can change your stars. Learning and accepting the growth mindset while leaving all of your fixed baggage behind doesn’t need to overwhelm you. During this class we will discuss the differences between the two mindsets and how to give ourselves that wonderful gift of growth mindset if we have never had it or didn’t even knew it was an option us. If you struggle with a negative loop and haven’t mastered the art of “yet”, this class is for you.

M/s in a LDR (Or: Yay for Acronyms!)

Presented by: Trinity

Can a long distance M/s or D/s relationship endure? What are the challenges and what are the rewards? We’ll discuss ways to remain in the submissive or slave mindset, how to communicate needs and how to be of service when not physically in the presence of your m- or d-type. We’ll also talk about the mental transition from being mostly autonomous when apart to being in his/her presence for face to face visits. D-type topics will cover how to keep the D/s or M/s mindset both for yourself as well as your s-type, including small things that reinforce the dynamic when separated, such as tasks, as well as other tools.

Masculine Service

Presented by: Herb

One of the big problems facing male submissives, especially straight male submissives, is the lack of models upon entering the community.  Porn is full of sissies and worm and cuckold and not much else.  In this session we will discuss some possible models for male submission from recent popular media as well as older sources.  Bring your examples to share and help expand the class.

Service on the Go

Presented by: SeñorBowtie

This class is all about how you can give service to someone who may always be busy and on the go as well as while you are out of the house with them.


Single s-type Survival Guide

Presented by: phoenix_soaring

This class covers how to handle yourself in social situations, getting on a top’s dance card, how to use this time without rushing into another relationship. Being single can actually really be fun!


Spoons without Soup

Presented by: Herb

We often discuss how to submit when you have a chronic illness that limits you physically but how do we submit to someone with those limitations.  We discuss how not to react when your Dominant is struck by a chronic illness that makes their energy level lower but still variable day today while helping them continue to meet your needs.  Spoon theory, right and wrong ways to approach lack of physical expressions of Dominance and inability to receive service, proxies and other partners, more I haven’t thought up yet.

 Survival in the Scene (How to Not Fuck Yourself in the Pursuit of Fun)

Presented by: Danie

Maybe you are new, or perhaps been around the block a few times – now what? How do you jump in the deep end of the pool without losing yourself? How do you make it in the scene after the “new & shiny” wears off? The big fun playground we call “the scene” can have some pretty dark corners; let’s talk about how to protect ourselves and hopefully our friends from lurking pitfalls. Come join us as we talk about burnout, reputations, speed bumps, flame outs, and how to not screw yourself over in the pursuit of fun.


The Assertive Submissive

Presented by: Kundalini Rising

Does an assertive submissive know what they need in order to begin and maintain their sense of self in a 24/7 D/s dynamic? Once in a 24/7 dynamic, how does an assertive submissive continue to advocate for themselves, and demonstrate self-love, within that relationship, over time?

In this class we will explore what it means to be our authentic selves. How to lay the foundation for open, honest and forthright communication; and how to continue to be your self-assured, self-confident, assertive self as you grow deeper into your submission. Come ready to share your thoughts and participate!


THE ‘TWEEN YEARS – What to do when you’re between Owners.

Presented by: talina

Learn how to keep yourself occupied, and prepare yourself to be owned. Figure out ways to “sell” yourself honestly and with enthusiasm. How muscle memory can be your best friend – or work against you. Delight in your “free” status while still getting your service needs met. How to develop your s-type resume.


The Year of Living Uncomfortably (YoLU)

Presented by: Trinity

Living is easy. Living uncomfortably is hard. Fear and discomfort often cause us to make the easy choices in life, but it is when we face difficulty and when we overcome fear that we grow. I made a conscious decision at the beginning of 2010 to live uncomfortably. While it’s been difficult sometimes, I’ve found myself growing and becoming more comfortable in my own skin in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible.

This gathering is going to be more of a round-table discussion focusing on how we face our fears, process our discomfort, and step outside our boxes in order to live uncomfortably. If you’re embarking on a new chapter of your life or simply want to force growth within yourself then this round table is where you want to be. Come out, listen, share, and live uncomfortably with us!

Transcending with Tantric Breathwork

Presented by: Kundalini Rising

Tantric Breathwork is an ancient healing art form that can be used to transcend anything from the physical to the spiritual. The power of our breath can bring us to states of calm and relaxation, as well as states of euphoria, bliss, arousal and even orgasm! Imagine what we could do if we used the power of our breath to transcend our physical limitations in our kink/bdsm/leather life!

This experiential class will give you some tools to achieve your desired goals of pushing yourself deeper and further, to achieve greater levels of physical pain tolerance, euphoria, and/or energetic connection with whomever is topping you!
Come ready to participate!

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