2018 Keynote

View More: http://wickedkittenproductions.pass.us/ajc-familyMs Ann’s pig chris moved here from San Diego California in late 2015 to be a part of her family and became her collared slave. He has been out and active in the Kink and Gay communities since 2003 and been deeply into anal play since 1987. Here, he is known as Ann’s pig, but he is also slut bottom chris, which you can find interviews, a Leather Title, and some porn work.

It isn’t easy to put a label on chris as he is comfortable being the pig in a trough at a Leathermen’s party; going to Drag Nights at bars wearing a wig, dress, and heels; or flogging naughty bottoms. He enjoys all types of play that involve exchange of good energy and he sees checklists as goals. Chris shares his 30 years of experience with anal play by teaching workshops about anal play and anal fisting.


He is quick to volunteer to be stunt bottom for almost any kind of workshop (not just the anal ones) and has been on discussion panels for college sexuality classes and others about poly relationships. In San Diego, Slut bottom chris has been a member of Club X, Submissive Voice, San Diego Leatherboys, SuperPigs Pain Guild, and MAsT. He loves to expand everyone’s thinking and limits through sharing kind hearted knowledge and humor.


Be careful getting him talking about his butthole because he’s more open than his ass is!